Im “Perfect”

They say it is by our nature that we seek perfection,

Time and time again wanting all and nothing less

Striving to be the best, this is all that we know

We walk around with our heads held high

Pride deep down inside

This world cannot shake me and it surely can not break me

We set out to conquer the world

Dreaming no small dreams

Looking at those who dare stand in our way

Be removed from this place because you are utterly in my way

We fight and continue to fight, never showing what’s on the inside

But when was the last time we opened up and told out deepest concerns?

A strong outward appearance is deceptive at best, but nobody will believe my unrest,

For once I thought I had it all, for once I thought I had made it

Oh what a fool I was to fool myself into thinking that this was easy

I looked at that and said it’s a fact that I got that

As time went by oh I had to sigh, finding out that was just another failure

Picking myself up proved to be hard, but somehow I managed

I thought I had perfected that craft but soon oh so soon they said nope none of that

They let me go and they left me out to dry

A man could almost cry

This was just another mess up to mark in the books

A blessing in disguise I guest you could say, I didn’t always see it that way

As the tears of frustration filled my eyes.

Trying to move on with the little dignity I have left

A friend cries out with a proposition

I answer oh that’s a bet

Nervously wandering around like a blind man in the street

Hoping I wont be but a pitiful defeat

Oh but look how life has thrown its blows

Once again I am made a fool

Not mocked by the masses but mocked by my own heart and mind

Looking like a fool, oh why did I waste her time?

“oh you thought you were ready”

“Oh you thought you were fine”

Life tells me everyone else can have it but not you

Oh no it’s not meant to be so save us from your retched plea

You will be the odd man out

Time and time again they tell me its good to be different but lately I don’t see why

They don’t honor me

They don’t want me

They don’t even really care for me

I wish that I could be the one for that one

Humiliated and somewhat beat down

Oh but I’m perfect and I don’t know how this has come to this

It’s hard to seek perfection when perfection itself is simply impossible

Emotions running wild because I don’t know what to do

Emotions running wild because I don’t know who to run to

When the world is on my shoulders I want peace and a listening ear

Not a lecture, not a message, not a sermon for all to hear

I failed time and time again and what has happened is nothing short of what I just said

I’m the clown that they laugh at

I’m the person people mock and have no idea that they have hurt somebody close

They don’t understand because this and that never happened to them

They are great at what they do but me? That is never true

I’m like the kid who is picked last in a friendly competition

It’s quite funny that I say that

Being that I wasn’t last but close to the end

You couldn’t tell me how you felt, but after all they put you through

After all of those times that I stood by you

Trying to reassure you

I came in last place

I feel so small

Even though I know your heart I was still unable to sooth its rapid agitated beating

If they knew of this they would only laugh and call me names

You say that it shouldn’t matter because the players change the game

But I wasn’t picked to be on that team

So what is a man to do?

No wait please don’t tell me…

Get up and try again

Sometimes the fall is to great to simply keep up the pace

I’m no star player, nor do I seem to be man’s first choice

But remember the words that I say

I’m “perfect” in all of my ways…


My Diamond In The Sky

This can never be compared

Nor can it simply be shared

Dyed with a crimson tent

You cannot see inside of my mind

You surly cannot block its shine

Oh that oh so wonderful diamond in the sky

My head is held high with pride, my eyes on the prize

Chasing after this object of so called perfection

Flawless, Magnificent, Wondrous

Can’t you see, that it is truly meant for me?

You seem to look at me with disgust…how could he?

But I’m marching to the beat of my own drum.

Your words once hurt

But I realized that your opinions don’t work

I found my own way.

So I came here to say…

This is me and I’m here to stay

So mind your own damn business

I thought you? But you said?

I am but a man who works for his own bread

So allow me to change my mind

Allow me to deem what is rightfully mine

You are not me nor will you ever be.

Throwing shade…you can keep that

Lurking from the side lines….no please not that

So go on with that mess,

Trying to start up stress

I have no need for it, and I have no need for you.

Stuck between the two, yes I was, rapping like Yoda does

You didn’t catch that did you? That’s okay…no one ever does.

Up and down, round and round…whirling in a pool of uncertainty

Deep down I always knew,

It took me awhile to see, what I truly needed to be.

But it finally came to me.

So it doesn’t matter what the haters say

I’m not here to start trouble

I’m not here to please the masses

Living my life and making choices

So when this life is over I can say to myself

I truly did my best.

Self-gratification, Self-preservation

I am my own man

I’m happy it worked out this way

I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way

As I told you before,

Despite what you say

My head is held high, dipped in pride

I’m lifting my eyes to that diamond in the sky.

The Moon and Ocean

You are excited and filled with energy
When you speak you speak with confidence
An assuring tone is heard when condoning a friend
The light that shines from your presence is as bright as the stars
You are always the one that cast the shadows upon the world
You are the light in the dark
The crescent shape in the dark sky
The bringer of fear and nightmares but yet eternal rest
You are the power behind flowing tides
You are the life in the night
You are the strength behind everyone’s will to rise another day and fight on
You are the push

I am the dark flowing pool of life
The one object that separates the great nations
The tranquil being
But violent when the season sees fit
A threat to those that dare challenge me
I control the destiny of every ship that sails
Sink or swim is the command I give
I am ruthless yet forgiving
To show respect is my game
A nightmare that can appear at any moment
A force that seems to stop time in its tracks
I hold many secrets though at times you exploit them
I am the calm in the midst of the storm

We know no bounds and no restrictions
We are the two spirits the rule the night
Spirits that flow one behind the other in a pond of balance
You are push and I am pull
You are life and I am death
You are good and I am evil
You are peace and I am chaos
You are the tiger and I am the dragon
You are destiny and I am fate
I am Yin you are Yang
Forever maintaining balance through the night
The Moon and Ocean

The Stone Which the Builders Rejected

Turned away, passed down, ignored, thrown to the side

This is what happens to those who are deemed unworthy

Chastised, told by the world you will never be great

All because you have a crack or a dent which they can see

When did man have the right?

They look and they think they see

What is really meant to be?

But I say no you can’t see what I’m destined to be

They think they know you and they think they care.

Ha that’s funny because even that is not true

The truth of the matter is if you are not valuable to them then you don’t have a purpose

But who am I to say such a thing

I’ll tell you who I am

I’m the man whom you deemed insane

Crazy for being different, insane for failing at what “everyone” else has succeeded at

You can get out of my face with that

Knowing the truth and still spreading lies

Some would say you are just the man trying to keep a brother down

But I see beyond that

This isn’t a matter of race

This is you thinking that anybody who is anybody but you can’t face

The cold hard realities of life

When will you learn that you don’t have the final say?

The demons have been beaten and even the trials that have dealt some significant blows

Have taught me the lesson to never fold.

So I say once again, get out of my face with that

You talk down to me

Constantly thinking you are the best.

I refuse to settle for less

Wallowing in the deceit which you preach.

How dare you tell me I’m not good enough?

My journey is different from the rest so don’t you dare group me within that mess

The mess you say. Yes this is what I mean

The mess in your mind where you think all is fine and you claim to be unseen

I’m still killing these rhymes don’t you dare block my shine.

Can you touch me?

Enough is enough and you have to stop.

Don’t assume you have me figured out

My edges are rough but the inside is being refined

You don’t know what I’m capable of so don’t waste my time

Besides with your blinded eyes and disbelief you will never see what was truly meant to be

The power that resides inside of me

You are not ready nor will you ever be

I’m fine with that because as you can see

Your opinions don’t mean that much to me

I’m moving on from here but I did have to address this to so many listening ears

You won’t take my joy from me

Well I have to say from these lips of clay

I’m perfectly imperfect and that’s fine with me.

But you rejected me and told me I could never be.

But I’m of royalty

My crown cannot be stolen by you

So don’t be upset when we raise the bar.

Don’t be upset when you are left holding the towel

I will surpass you and you will see this through

It’s just a matter of time, before my name becomes oh so fine

Excellence shall define

So just wait and see that you aren’t shit me

Just know it’s typically the people who you doubt that show out

Karma is a funny thing

She always finds her way back to you regardless of what you do.

So talk that trash and believe the hype

I’ll be better than you think

And when you look and see

That pedestal …yea that’s for me

Stare in awe

Because I’m the stone that you, the builder, rejected.

Welcome to the Book of Marc II

Slight introduction to all that don’t know. The purpose of this blog is to express myself through my writing. I have had a fascination with creative writing specifically short fictional stories and poetry. I will occasionally post other things that pertain to my life as I continue to grow as an individual. Feel free to voice your opinion on anything that you see because I have always been interested in knowing what other people think about certain situations.

The meaning and purpose behind the name of this blog…..there really isn’t one. I current have a tumblr account which is named The Book of Marc. That blog is used to express myself solely through pictures and funny videos. Basically it is a means to make myself laugh. So this will be the second book of me that I will continue to expand.

I hope that you enjoy and I hope that you tell a friend.

Make sure you all check out my friends photography site!!!!

Welcome All!!!!

Blog 13

Donovan Eaton Photography

So I finally decided to publish my photography blog today.  I was aiming for my birthday January 3rd, but business and other miscellany kept me from doing such.  I decided that since I couldn’t publish on 1/3, I would use my next option; and that was the 13th day of this month instead.  It sometimes amazes me that for over 7 years I have been doing photography.  I began when I was 17 in my high school class, taking film photographs and developing in a darkroom using my grandfathers 1975 Pentax camera the entire time. Still have to check the date on that, so don’t quote me just yet.  So my photographic journey began in 2008 as a senior in high school and now I am 24 years old and still loving every minute I am taking pictures.

So long story short, I graduated in 2009 from Loyola Blakefield and attended Hampton…

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I cannot find you…where have you gone?

You have come and gone and yet I know not

You seek all of the things in life that make life perfect

Yet you have left me behind

Why do you leave and every time you leave me…

You leave me wondering and hoping for something that may never be

Does something exist between us?

Or did you simply see me as a friend and nothing more

Can we not walk together through eternity?

Or is the road you walk a one way street that only you can journey down?

Let me know before I put my life on the line to follow you where no shadow can go…

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Happy Founder’s Day DST!!!!

On January 13th, 1913 on the campus of Howard University, 22 collegiate women decided to create something far greater. On that cold winter’s day they founded the Greatest Sorority to ever bless the world with its presence!!!

I would like to wish the Devastating Diva’s of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated a wonderful 102 years Celebration!!!!!! YO-OOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is NOT the End

Why do I hate this so much? Why do I dread coming here?

I cannot see what everyone else sees

Or maybe I’m blind to their reality.

I see no advancement, no hope, and no change

So ill gird up my loins and move on from place

I was always taught to go the extra mile

Never to stop, always wanting to be better.

Why do you want to stay?

What draws you time and time again to this place?

Is it the money? Is it the power? Or is it just the satisfaction of being a part of group

Hell no I won’t stay. I have nothing left to play.

I am like that lone card player….who was only dealt one out of thirteen spades.

So as I throw in my hand, my mind goes back to when I began

Determined to make a difference though I clearly couldn’t see

The fate that would be fall me

No wait; I wouldn’t call it fate…

This is NOT the end of me.

I have the tenacity to pick myself up and the courage to move forward.

Hesitation? There is always some of that

But as you can see I’m past that.

I feel a sense of complacency and this means I need to go

Don’t judge me…just accept this is who I am.

My heart is fixed and my mind is made up.

I refuse to settle for the things of this world that are not meant for me

But what I can say is that the lessons have been taught…and I can say that I have learned

Lessons I will pass on from one to the next

Hold out my dear friend…it’s only a test

I’m not sorry if I was distant, I’m not sorry if you didn’t know

You never tried to make the stories unfold

So don’t mind if I leave without saying good bye

There is no reason to waste ones breath on another’s ear that doesn’t care to listen but only to hear.

Miss you? Most definitely not

Care about you? We will leave that untouched

Frustration and stress have done their best to chip away at my soul

I have nothing more but a little fight left in me

I won’t stay where I am not welcome and I won’t stay where I’m not appreciated

So I’m slowly packing up

Slowly drifting away to fight another day

You can say I haven’t tried

You can say I wasn’t the best

But I know that I’m better than the rest.

So I have tried and I have realized that this is not for me

Don’t drag my name in the dirt like I know you will.

People are always good at smiling in your face but are quick to say the nastiest things

This road I’m trudging is all uphill so I don’t need deadweight to slow me down

Leave me be and let me be

When I leave, I’ll leave with dignity

Rest assure that I know there is something out there better for me

Waiting for me to take hold of what is truly meant to be

You can’t stop my shine, dare I say it you can’t stop my grind

My passions and dreams, I will protect with my life.

For a man has lost his way

Not when he is defeated

But when he has lost his conviction and lost his way

I am down but I surly am not out

For all who hear me, this is my decree

I’m moving on and you can’t stop me

I watched from the back seat as you all walked away

But on this day I can say

It will now be my back that you see

Walking away, strutting down that pathway

Reaching new heights, accomplishing impossible goals

I’m not finished you see

I won’t boast and I won’t brag

Ill simply allow my actions to speak for themselves.

And when all is said and done.

This race that has been run

I can sit down and look back over my life and see

You doubted me from the start

But oh look how the tables have turned

And how the script has been flipped

You like these rhymes I know you do.

I’m just pulling them out of the blue

But you won’t matter because I will have moved on.

I’m sure you will deny it, but I surly won’t buy it.

Don’t lie and tell me you won’t cry

Just accept what you see

Because you…ha….you weren’t for me.

And there is something out there better for me.