Blog 13

Donovan Eaton Photography

So I finally decided to publish my photography blog today.  I was aiming for my birthday January 3rd, but business and other miscellany kept me from doing such.  I decided that since I couldn’t publish on 1/3, I would use my next option; and that was the 13th day of this month instead.  It sometimes amazes me that for over 7 years I have been doing photography.  I began when I was 17 in my high school class, taking film photographs and developing in a darkroom using my grandfathers 1975 Pentax camera the entire time. Still have to check the date on that, so don’t quote me just yet.  So my photographic journey began in 2008 as a senior in high school and now I am 24 years old and still loving every minute I am taking pictures.

So long story short, I graduated in 2009 from Loyola Blakefield and attended Hampton…

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