The Stone Which the Builders Rejected

Turned away, passed down, ignored, thrown to the side

This is what happens to those who are deemed unworthy

Chastised, told by the world you will never be great

All because you have a crack or a dent which they can see

When did man have the right?

They look and they think they see

What is really meant to be?

But I say no you can’t see what I’m destined to be

They think they know you and they think they care.

Ha that’s funny because even that is not true

The truth of the matter is if you are not valuable to them then you don’t have a purpose

But who am I to say such a thing

I’ll tell you who I am

I’m the man whom you deemed insane

Crazy for being different, insane for failing at what “everyone” else has succeeded at

You can get out of my face with that

Knowing the truth and still spreading lies

Some would say you are just the man trying to keep a brother down

But I see beyond that

This isn’t a matter of race

This is you thinking that anybody who is anybody but you can’t face

The cold hard realities of life

When will you learn that you don’t have the final say?

The demons have been beaten and even the trials that have dealt some significant blows

Have taught me the lesson to never fold.

So I say once again, get out of my face with that

You talk down to me

Constantly thinking you are the best.

I refuse to settle for less

Wallowing in the deceit which you preach.

How dare you tell me I’m not good enough?

My journey is different from the rest so don’t you dare group me within that mess

The mess you say. Yes this is what I mean

The mess in your mind where you think all is fine and you claim to be unseen

I’m still killing these rhymes don’t you dare block my shine.

Can you touch me?

Enough is enough and you have to stop.

Don’t assume you have me figured out

My edges are rough but the inside is being refined

You don’t know what I’m capable of so don’t waste my time

Besides with your blinded eyes and disbelief you will never see what was truly meant to be

The power that resides inside of me

You are not ready nor will you ever be

I’m fine with that because as you can see

Your opinions don’t mean that much to me

I’m moving on from here but I did have to address this to so many listening ears

You won’t take my joy from me

Well I have to say from these lips of clay

I’m perfectly imperfect and that’s fine with me.

But you rejected me and told me I could never be.

But I’m of royalty

My crown cannot be stolen by you

So don’t be upset when we raise the bar.

Don’t be upset when you are left holding the towel

I will surpass you and you will see this through

It’s just a matter of time, before my name becomes oh so fine

Excellence shall define

So just wait and see that you aren’t shit me

Just know it’s typically the people who you doubt that show out

Karma is a funny thing

She always finds her way back to you regardless of what you do.

So talk that trash and believe the hype

I’ll be better than you think

And when you look and see

That pedestal …yea that’s for me

Stare in awe

Because I’m the stone that you, the builder, rejected.


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