My Diamond In The Sky

This can never be compared

Nor can it simply be shared

Dyed with a crimson tent

You cannot see inside of my mind

You surly cannot block its shine

Oh that oh so wonderful diamond in the sky

My head is held high with pride, my eyes on the prize

Chasing after this object of so called perfection

Flawless, Magnificent, Wondrous

Can’t you see, that it is truly meant for me?

You seem to look at me with disgust…how could he?

But I’m marching to the beat of my own drum.

Your words once hurt

But I realized that your opinions don’t work

I found my own way.

So I came here to say…

This is me and I’m here to stay

So mind your own damn business

I thought you? But you said?

I am but a man who works for his own bread

So allow me to change my mind

Allow me to deem what is rightfully mine

You are not me nor will you ever be.

Throwing shade…you can keep that

Lurking from the side lines….no please not that

So go on with that mess,

Trying to start up stress

I have no need for it, and I have no need for you.

Stuck between the two, yes I was, rapping like Yoda does

You didn’t catch that did you? That’s okay…no one ever does.

Up and down, round and round…whirling in a pool of uncertainty

Deep down I always knew,

It took me awhile to see, what I truly needed to be.

But it finally came to me.

So it doesn’t matter what the haters say

I’m not here to start trouble

I’m not here to please the masses

Living my life and making choices

So when this life is over I can say to myself

I truly did my best.

Self-gratification, Self-preservation

I am my own man

I’m happy it worked out this way

I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way

As I told you before,

Despite what you say

My head is held high, dipped in pride

I’m lifting my eyes to that diamond in the sky.


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