Im “Perfect”

They say it is by our nature that we seek perfection,

Time and time again wanting all and nothing less

Striving to be the best, this is all that we know

We walk around with our heads held high

Pride deep down inside

This world cannot shake me and it surely can not break me

We set out to conquer the world

Dreaming no small dreams

Looking at those who dare stand in our way

Be removed from this place because you are utterly in my way

We fight and continue to fight, never showing what’s on the inside

But when was the last time we opened up and told out deepest concerns?

A strong outward appearance is deceptive at best, but nobody will believe my unrest,

For once I thought I had it all, for once I thought I had made it

Oh what a fool I was to fool myself into thinking that this was easy

I looked at that and said it’s a fact that I got that

As time went by oh I had to sigh, finding out that was just another failure

Picking myself up proved to be hard, but somehow I managed

I thought I had perfected that craft but soon oh so soon they said nope none of that

They let me go and they left me out to dry

A man could almost cry

This was just another mess up to mark in the books

A blessing in disguise I guest you could say, I didn’t always see it that way

As the tears of frustration filled my eyes.

Trying to move on with the little dignity I have left

A friend cries out with a proposition

I answer oh that’s a bet

Nervously wandering around like a blind man in the street

Hoping I wont be but a pitiful defeat

Oh but look how life has thrown its blows

Once again I am made a fool

Not mocked by the masses but mocked by my own heart and mind

Looking like a fool, oh why did I waste her time?

“oh you thought you were ready”

“Oh you thought you were fine”

Life tells me everyone else can have it but not you

Oh no it’s not meant to be so save us from your retched plea

You will be the odd man out

Time and time again they tell me its good to be different but lately I don’t see why

They don’t honor me

They don’t want me

They don’t even really care for me

I wish that I could be the one for that one

Humiliated and somewhat beat down

Oh but I’m perfect and I don’t know how this has come to this

It’s hard to seek perfection when perfection itself is simply impossible

Emotions running wild because I don’t know what to do

Emotions running wild because I don’t know who to run to

When the world is on my shoulders I want peace and a listening ear

Not a lecture, not a message, not a sermon for all to hear

I failed time and time again and what has happened is nothing short of what I just said

I’m the clown that they laugh at

I’m the person people mock and have no idea that they have hurt somebody close

They don’t understand because this and that never happened to them

They are great at what they do but me? That is never true

I’m like the kid who is picked last in a friendly competition

It’s quite funny that I say that

Being that I wasn’t last but close to the end

You couldn’t tell me how you felt, but after all they put you through

After all of those times that I stood by you

Trying to reassure you

I came in last place

I feel so small

Even though I know your heart I was still unable to sooth its rapid agitated beating

If they knew of this they would only laugh and call me names

You say that it shouldn’t matter because the players change the game

But I wasn’t picked to be on that team

So what is a man to do?

No wait please don’t tell me…

Get up and try again

Sometimes the fall is to great to simply keep up the pace

I’m no star player, nor do I seem to be man’s first choice

But remember the words that I say

I’m “perfect” in all of my ways…


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