The Whispering Tongue

Be mindful of what you tell

Be mindful of who you tell

All business isn’t for all to hear

Shocking as it seems, that gossip is at an all time extreme

Those lips keep flapping,

Those lies keep passing

Be mindful of those whispering tongues

They will have you believe

They will have you deceived

Believing what is said and not what is seen

A fool believes in a rumor knowing that it’s a fib

Heed my warning and heed my cry

Be careful of those wandering eyes.

Out of the mouth comes a secret meant to be locked away

The people push and push, trying to find out what they seek

What happened to confidentiality, the good ol lock and key?

We love telling people’s business

But we never want ours exposed

Word travels on the soft comfort of the wind

Swirling round and round until it falls on “deaf” ears

Causing havoc

Stirring up trouble and making it double

Breaking necks

Just an all-around mess

Your secrets are not safe

You have put up walls around this place

Thinking that none can penetrate

But be mindful and see

That a sharp ear can really still hear

The stories being told…..

Don’t spread those lies,

Don’t tell what’s mine.

Keep your mouth closed and those stories in the fold.

For not everything should be shared. Beware of those whispering tongues.