This is NOT the End

Why do I hate this so much? Why do I dread coming here?

I cannot see what everyone else sees

Or maybe I’m blind to their reality.

I see no advancement, no hope, and no change

So ill gird up my loins and move on from place

I was always taught to go the extra mile

Never to stop, always wanting to be better.

Why do you want to stay?

What draws you time and time again to this place?

Is it the money? Is it the power? Or is it just the satisfaction of being a part of group

Hell no I won’t stay. I have nothing left to play.

I am like that lone card player….who was only dealt one out of thirteen spades.

So as I throw in my hand, my mind goes back to when I began

Determined to make a difference though I clearly couldn’t see

The fate that would be fall me

No wait; I wouldn’t call it fate…

This is NOT the end of me.

I have the tenacity to pick myself up and the courage to move forward.

Hesitation? There is always some of that

But as you can see I’m past that.

I feel a sense of complacency and this means I need to go

Don’t judge me…just accept this is who I am.

My heart is fixed and my mind is made up.

I refuse to settle for the things of this world that are not meant for me

But what I can say is that the lessons have been taught…and I can say that I have learned

Lessons I will pass on from one to the next

Hold out my dear friend…it’s only a test

I’m not sorry if I was distant, I’m not sorry if you didn’t know

You never tried to make the stories unfold

So don’t mind if I leave without saying good bye

There is no reason to waste ones breath on another’s ear that doesn’t care to listen but only to hear.

Miss you? Most definitely not

Care about you? We will leave that untouched

Frustration and stress have done their best to chip away at my soul

I have nothing more but a little fight left in me

I won’t stay where I am not welcome and I won’t stay where I’m not appreciated

So I’m slowly packing up

Slowly drifting away to fight another day

You can say I haven’t tried

You can say I wasn’t the best

But I know that I’m better than the rest.

So I have tried and I have realized that this is not for me

Don’t drag my name in the dirt like I know you will.

People are always good at smiling in your face but are quick to say the nastiest things

This road I’m trudging is all uphill so I don’t need deadweight to slow me down

Leave me be and let me be

When I leave, I’ll leave with dignity

Rest assure that I know there is something out there better for me

Waiting for me to take hold of what is truly meant to be

You can’t stop my shine, dare I say it you can’t stop my grind

My passions and dreams, I will protect with my life.

For a man has lost his way

Not when he is defeated

But when he has lost his conviction and lost his way

I am down but I surly am not out

For all who hear me, this is my decree

I’m moving on and you can’t stop me

I watched from the back seat as you all walked away

But on this day I can say

It will now be my back that you see

Walking away, strutting down that pathway

Reaching new heights, accomplishing impossible goals

I’m not finished you see

I won’t boast and I won’t brag

Ill simply allow my actions to speak for themselves.

And when all is said and done.

This race that has been run

I can sit down and look back over my life and see

You doubted me from the start

But oh look how the tables have turned

And how the script has been flipped

You like these rhymes I know you do.

I’m just pulling them out of the blue

But you won’t matter because I will have moved on.

I’m sure you will deny it, but I surly won’t buy it.

Don’t lie and tell me you won’t cry

Just accept what you see

Because you…ha….you weren’t for me.

And there is something out there better for me.